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Happy Music Friday: Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette

Let them eat cake. Lots and lots and lots of cake.

“It’s always more intriguing to imagine what’s happening, as opposed to seeing everything, because then you can use your imagination. I always wanted to be at a distance.” – Sofia Coppola

I love me some Sofia Coppola and anything she touches is gold in my book.

Production design and music pretty much cement a movie for me (along with a good script of course) but this time I have to say that the music stole the show. Don’t get me wrong, I could go on for days and days about the painstaking recreation of — well — pretty much everything in the entire movie, but the music drew me in and kind of obliterated everything else.

Pastel pastries be damned. Give me some music!

“Acting isn’t for me. I don’t like being told what to do. I’m more interested in set design, more visually driven.” – Sofia Coppola

The soundtracks to her movies are always great and they add a lot of emotion and depth (even if it is pop music). The treatment of the subject, which is usually sterile and very bookish, gives insight as to how a teenager might have felt in having the entire treasury of France at her feet yet not one soul to truly call a friend.She literally has everything she could have wanted yet she’s quite the lonely dauphine, er, queen.

It’s like Molly Ringwald in French class: pink dress, gossip, backstabbing and all.

So, in honor of the amazing 1980s — America’s poshest decade full of waste and frivolity and horribly bad fashion — I present to you some of my favorite tracks from the soundtrack to Marie Antoinette.

Enjoy mes chéris! Now go eat some cake or something.

And for the coups de gras – a cameo by Phoenix (a Sofia Coppola favorite, probably because she’s married to Thomas Mars, the lead singer, and also probably because they’re French).



Music For Your Ears: The Golden Filter


I’m totally digging on New York electro-disco/pop-synth duo The Golden Filter lately.

The Golden Filter

Penelope Trappes (vocals) and Stephen Hindman (synthesizers). Saint Etienne and Pink Floyd are just a couple of their musical influences.

Their music has really intense and disturbing qualities that I find quite nice. We can’t always have happy music, now, can we?

I remember hearing Solid Gold back in 2009 when it first came out, but it fell off of my radar until recently, when I heard Kill Me (which reminds me a bit of something The XX might have turned out).

Besides being a fantastic song, the video is really cinematic and dark, to say the least. Let’s just say that Mom needs some anti-psychotics and some therapy for her Electra complex.

They do a lot of collaboration with Moop Jaw, an Australian video production team of awesomeness, who have also produced videos for Neon Indian and the Canadian dirty-girl herself, Peaches.

And of course, they covered New Order’s Age of Consent, much to my liking. It’s slower and more ethereal and brings a new light to the song.