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Music For Your Ears: The Golden Filter


I’m totally digging on New York electro-disco/pop-synth duo The Golden Filter lately.

The Golden Filter

Penelope Trappes (vocals) and Stephen Hindman (synthesizers). Saint Etienne and Pink Floyd are just a couple of their musical influences.

Their music has really intense and disturbing qualities that I find quite nice. We can’t always have happy music, now, can we?

I remember hearing Solid Gold back in 2009 when it first came out, but it fell off of my radar until recently, when I heard Kill Me (which reminds me a bit of something The XX might have turned out).

Besides being a fantastic song, the video is really cinematic and dark, to say the least. Let’s just say that Mom needs some anti-psychotics and some therapy for her Electra complex.

They do a lot of collaboration with Moop Jaw, an Australian video production team of awesomeness, who have also produced videos for Neon Indian and the Canadian dirty-girl herself, Peaches.

And of course, they covered New Order’s Age of Consent, much to my liking. It’s slower and more ethereal and brings a new light to the song.