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Chick-Rock: 90s Style


The 90s alternative music scene was the place to be if you were a girl with vocal chops, guitar-shredding skills and a bad ass attitude. A high angst quotient didn’t hurt either. 

And what a decade for fashion.

It was like a 1960s-era Las Vegas lounge club exploded and managed to pull some bits of the 40s and 70s into the blast. I still remember the silver holographic spandex tank top I bought along with the white pleather jacket with enough (faux) lambs wool trim for a small Tibetian village.

Baggy jeans and one-size-too-small tees? Lipstick so marroon your lips were perma-stained? FLANNEL?  Oh…and let’s not forget the mini-skirts and knee-high tights!  I so belonged in a grrrrl band (or on the Sunset Strip — the jury is still out on that).

Fur fur fur fur fur. Hell, it was the 90s.

See that furry thing that Kate Moss is sporting? I owned something similar and it made my 17 year-old heart feel quite fashionable. Looking back on it today, I probably looked more like a runaway prostitute than a fashion model.

Let it also be known that the 80s fashion trends are swiftly turning their eye to the grungy 90s. Prepare yourself for jean shorts with tights, matte lipstick galore, distressed leather jackets, combat boots with dresses and lots and lots of P-L-A-I-D. Most of this is already a thing but the South is slow to respond. I guess we like to think it over before we jump onto the fashion train.

The one thing I will not miss are mom jeans. No matter how tiny your waist or tight your tush, no one looks good in mom jeans, but apparently they are popular in Buenos Aires.

Between seeing what is emmerging this spring on the runway, hearing that The Breeders are touring again, and watching Clueless this weekend (a young Paul Rudd — I mean hello!) I have become fondly reminiscent about one of my favorite things from that decade: the music.

So to give you a peek inside my boy-crazed, music-fueled, and hormonal teenage brain, here are some of my favorite chick-led bands from the 90s.

Cause like…girl power is bitchin’ and stuff!

Garance Doré + St. Vincent = Squeee!


Well look who showed up on Garance Doré‘s bloggy blog?


St. Vincent (Annie Clark). The sweetest little songbird that ever was.

I read “Une Fille Comme Moi” like, a lot a lot, and I got so excited to see Annie’s unmistakable eyes shaded behind some gigantic black frames (wearing a navy pea coat and holding coffee) when I checked the blog today.

J and I are going to see St. Vincent later this month in Nashville (and I know they are in France on their tour) so it makes me a little more squeee-ey to see this post.

I would love to know if they actually met up in the street or how this whole thing came about. I will go on believing they bumped into each other at a crosswalk, chatted and went to lunch.

If you like fashion, photography, illustration (or just an interesting read) do yourself a favor and check out Garance’s blog, or read this from Interview Magazine. You will bookmark her for sure.

Follow up this self-favor with some icing on the cake and have a listen to St. Vincent.


Modern-Day Mad Men

Mad Men Logo

"You don't know how to drink. Your whole generation, you drink for the wrong reasons. My generation, we drink because it's good, because it feels better than unbuttoning your collar, because we deserve it. We drink, because it's what men do." - Roger Sterling

The flawed and philandering, chain-smoking, liquor-guzzling crew from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is back (almost). After waiting for what seems to have been an eternity, I only have one more week until I get to step back inside the fascinating world of 1960s advertising (for those who really want to step inside, here’s the SCDP floor plan).

Not only are the characters wonderfully written, but the visuals (production design, sets, hair, makeup and wardrobe) are stunning. Actually, that’s a lot of my reason for loving the show so much. I have kind of a fascination with certain time periods in history and the 50s/60s are a particular favorite (mostly for the emerging design aesthetics and changing music and social constructs).

I decided to put together my own little mood board inspired by Mad Men. These items all hint at mid-century design while being updated enough to still be useful in our post-iPod era. There’s even a convenient way to carry your happy pills.

I’m looking at you, Betty.

Modern-Day Mad Men

"You want to be taken seriously? Stop dressing like a little girl." - Joan Holloway