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Dragon*Con 2012: For The Secret Nerd In All Of Us

USS Enterprise Dog

I wonder if he can go to warp speed?

Whether you’re a closet Cosplayer or live to dress up like your favorite fictional character — or even think the whole thing is a nerdy waste of time — this video shot at this year’s Dragon*Con in Atlanta is a pretty epic show of fandom force.

I really get into Halloween and love costume parties so I have a feeling I would fit right in at one of these things. I have mad love for people who have imagination and a sense of wonder when it comes to life and these lads and ladies prove that dressing up isn’t just for the kiddos.

Props to the people who dressed up like Jareth The Goblin King and Sarah from Labyrinth.

Hearing a remix of “Real Hero” by College doesn’t hurt things, either.

Also…Boba Fett in a red Borat bathing suit @4:02.

What else could you ask for?

Great Moments in Soundtrack: The Kids Are All Right


I watched Lisa Cholodenko’s “The Kids Are All Right” for the third time last night. Besides being a humorous and simultaneously deep movie which deals with some difficult life themes (childhood coming-of-age, long-term committed relationship meltdown, and the longing for something that is unobtainable) it has a kick ass soundtrack.

Annette Benning (Nic) and Julianne Moore (Jules)

It is one of those soundtracks that hits me as soon as the film opens, and of course with Carter Burwell at the music helm, it is gold in my book. Pretty much anything Burwell touches is an instant favorite for me. I recognized some 70s rock-era David Bowie, CSS, MGMT, Joni Mitchell and Leon Russell. The rest I wasn’t sure of, but I did some Googling found the entire soundtrack listing.

01. The Youth – MGMT
02. Black Country Rock – David Bowie
03. Sundown Syndrome – Tame Impala
04. When I Grow Up – Fever Ray
05. Out In The Woods – Leon Russell
06. Milk Man – Deerhoof
07. The New World – X
08. Same High – Uh Huh Her
09. Win – David Bowie
10. Slippin’ – Quadron
11. All I Want – Joni Mitchell
12. Knife – CSS
13. Blues Alley – Geology ft. Yukimi Nagano
14. Galatea’s Guitar – Gabor Szabo
15. Good Lovin’ – Betty Wright
16. Blue Cash – Deerhoof
17. Fortune – Little Dragon

Mia Wasikowska (Joni) and Josh Hutcherson (Laser)

The film does a good job of balancing each of the characters in the soundtrack. Joni Mitchell, of course, is for the relationship between Julianne Moore’s and Annette Benning’s characters (Jules and Nic, respectively). There is a slew of newer music for the kids, played by Josh Hutcherson (Laser) and Mia Wasikowska (Joni). Perhaps my favorite, though, are those of the free-lovin’, motorcycle ridin’, über-bohemian character of Paul, played by the loverly bescruffled Mark Ruffalo.

Mark Ruffalo (Paul)

Seventeen links to YouTube is quite much, so I’ll just put in a few of my favorites from the film.

Please to enjoy!

Music Videos: Childhood Edition


It’s that time again, kids! The 80s have been stuck in my head lately so I thought I could exorcise those teased-hair-and-stone-washed-denim memories and share some videos of songs that made my tiny little girl heart dance with joy.

Being an artsy kid, I consider A-ha’s groundbreaking video to be my favorite of all time. The black and white sketch-type rotoscoping blew my mind (and a cute Norwegian dude didn’t hurt, either).

I remember this being on the radio, but I haven’t heard it since it came out in 1982. I had no idea they were from Australia!

Way, way, way, way ahead of their time.

“I am human and I need to be loved. Just like everybody else does.”

I remember being totally enchanted by this video. I think I watched way too much MTV when I was a kid.

Cute boys, body paint and phones with cords that magically appear out of the water. What’s not to love!

I didn’t really get into this band until much later, when I found this song on the Donnie Darko soundtrack.

Debbie Harry is my hero. She’s super sexy and super talented (over 30 acting roles to her credit). This is technically from ’79, but whatevs.

Boys in makeup! I had a crush on Adam Ant (and David Bowie and Billy Idol).

…speaking of Bowie. Fun fact: The make-out scene on the beach is an homage to “From Here to Eternity” but MTV censored it due to it’s sexual content (and Bowie’s bare bum).

Favorite part? When Ric Ocasek turned into a fly.