Caption contest time!

I’ve always wanted to do one, and it looks like today is the day to finally make that first step toward upping the awesome factor of my blog.
This lovely 1980s image comes from SmallWorldAtHome.
You should check out Sarah’s post. It’s just the tip of The Iceberg of 80s Fashionashion…ashion.
I hear an echo…echo…echo.
The winner receives the admiration of this blog’s readers (yes…all three of them, not including my mom), a six pound bag of gummy bears, a huffy bike with silver streamers, Kajagoogoo’s Greatest Hits (on tape), a much-too-stretched Stretch Armstrong doll, a Coca-Cola Classic, and the personal self-worth that comes with knowing that you’re better than your friends in pretty much every way.
Winners are awesome…just ask Charlie Sheen (and that kid who whooped yer ass in dodge ball).

4 responses »

  1. The ’83 US World Donkey Kong Championship team in Hamburg, Germany. (prior to their loss to the Czechoslovakians)

  2. It was nice of Suzy to loan Joel her shorts, his nervousness gave way to excitement when he saw how perfectly he fit in as one of the girls.

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