Happy Music Friday: Beach House Edition

Beach House

“A lot of people listening to music now just go, ‘Good tones…’ and that’s it. But we’re obsessed with songs. Sometimes, I feel like people aren’t even listening to our songs, they’re just listening to the sound.” – Victoria Legrand

Even though I posted a Happy Music –>Insert Edition Here<– on Wednesday I can’t let a weekend slip by without some tuneage.

I’ve been listening to the hell out of some Beach House. I love their floaty, fuzzy sound. They’re technically classified as a dream-pop band, but whatevs. Labels are so…labely.

You can hear their influences on every album (60s pop/folk, Brian Wilson, Neil Young and The Zombies) and Victoria Legrand’s deep, throaty, husky voice carries the ethereal sound over the top.

Victoria is the niece of the lauded French composer Michel Jean Legrand so there’s no doubt where her musical chops descended from.

There’s a great interview in the Village Voice along with some of my favorite tracks (below) from DevotionTeen Dream and Bloom, which is the collective’s most recent album.

Now get out your bean bag and a fluffy throw and prepare to sink into a deep, dreamlike state in three…two…one…

Don’t forget to breathe.

You Came To Me from the album Devotion
We Have Signal: Live From Birmingham (The Bottle Tree, Birmingham Alabama)
This is where I first heard of Beach House. Hooray for Public Televison! 

Gila from the album Devotion

Norway from the album Teen Dream
Pitchfork Special Presentation: Beach House
This may be my favorite song off the album (Zebra is a close second). I love the off-key and kind of drunk-sounding keyboard. It adds a lot of texture.

Lover Of Mine from the album Teen Dream

Wild from the album Bloom
 Later With Jools Holland
I can’t decide which performance from this television apperance is better so I’ll just post both.

Lazuli from the album Bloom


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