Happy Music Friday (On Wednesday): Amurrrika Edition

Fireworks Demotivational Poster

My dog (much like this poor child) does not care for fireworks. Nope. Not one itty bit.

No time machines were used during the writing of this post.

It’s just that Wednesday happens to be the Fourth of July and that does not jibe with my usual Happy Music Friday post. Especially when I had the idea to post some songs that somehow relate to America.

No real patriotic jibber jabber here. You will find enough of that on pretty much any available outlet on Wednesday.

This is more of a fun collection of music that loosely relates to good ol’ Amurrrika.



David Bowie – Young Americans

This song is filled with references to the not-so-picket-fence side of America (ghettos, Nixon, racism, violence against women, the Vietnam War). Hooray for realism disguised behind a poppy little number complete with saxophone.


The Doors – L’America (LA Woman)

I need a lava lamp for this one.


Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers – American Girl

I always liked this song because of the story it told. Not necessarily a happy one, but alas…that is life.


Bruce Spingsteen – Born In The USA

The Boss in East Berlin circa 1998. Consider this your history lesson for today.


Jimi Hendrix – The Star Spangled Banner

I would be completely remiss if I didn’t include this. I can totally hear the bombs bursting in air.


Team America World Police Theme Song

Because you can’t say “America” without also hearing this in your head.

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