Happy Music Friday: Obscure 1980s Edition


It’s Friday, ya’ll! Time to get your weekend groove on with some sweet and obscure tunage from the 1980s.

You’ve probably heard these songs but had no idea who sang them. Well now it’s time to find out!

Open your ears and put your dancing shoes on. It’s time to rock!!! (weedle weedle weedle weeeeeeee)

Now that’s what I call a Power Mullet!

Laura Branigan – Self Control

When I was younger I honestly thought this was Pink Floyd.

Miami Vice, baby!

Freaking amazing video!

Dear lead singer…that red beret was a bad idea.

And finally…the best song to the best 80s movie ever made: NEVER ENDING STORY! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen this movie. I’m shocked to see that the singer is a dude. I always thought it was a chick. When he sings and closes his eyes it’s ahhhhhhhmazing!

Anyway…please to enjoy a trip back in time courtesy of YouTube.


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