Garance Doré + St. Vincent = Squeee!


Well look who showed up on Garance Doré‘s bloggy blog?


St. Vincent (Annie Clark). The sweetest little songbird that ever was.

I read “Une Fille Comme Moi” like, a lot a lot, and I got so excited to see Annie’s unmistakable eyes shaded behind some gigantic black frames (wearing a navy pea coat and holding coffee) when I checked the blog today.

J and I are going to see St. Vincent later this month in Nashville (and I know they are in France on their tour) so it makes me a little more squeee-ey to see this post.

I would love to know if they actually met up in the street or how this whole thing came about. I will go on believing they bumped into each other at a crosswalk, chatted and went to lunch.

If you like fashion, photography, illustration (or just an interesting read) do yourself a favor and check out Garance’s blog, or read this from Interview Magazine. You will bookmark her for sure.

Follow up this self-favor with some icing on the cake and have a listen to St. Vincent.



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