I Want All The (Jon) Hamm

Creepy Vintage Ham Ad

Clearly, she does want all the ham. Perhaps with some fava beans and a nice Chianti (slurp slurp slurp).

First, I have to share this hilarious bit of standup from Patton Oswalt’s Finest Hour album. Otherwise this entire post will not be near as funny and awesome.

When I hear of the word “ham” my mind silmutaneously flitters between hearing comedian Oswalt’s voice in my head telling his “I Want All The Ham” joke, and drool-inducing visions of  Jon Hamm, the actor.

Know Your Ham(m)

There are vast differences between ham (America's favorite lunch meat) and Jon Hamm (America's favorite hunk-o-meat).

If you’ve been living under a rock Hamm plays Don Draper on AMC’s Mad Men.

Incidentally, he is also hilariously funny.

And now, to the joke (click the image to listen at SoundCloud):

Patton Oswalt - Finest Hour

Patton Oswalt - Finest Hour Album

And now, on to the Hammier portion of this post.

There’s nothing better than a good-looking man who also doesn’t really care that he’s good-looking (except maybe a good-looking man who doesn’t care that he’s good-looking and is also naturally blessed in the Ha-Ha Department).

Cute-Nonchalant-Dudes-With-Humor, meet your leader, Jon Hamm.

SNL – Vincent Price’s Halloween Special

SNL – Darlique and Barney

 Jon Hamm’s School of Eyebrow Acting

Emotions with Jon Hamm
(This isn’t necessarily the work of JH, but it is an interview on Conan about a fantastically awesome Tumblr dedicated to his incredibly ridiculous faces.)

JH was most recently seen in Bridesmaids, playing the uncouth and stereotypical FWB (Friend With Benefits) of Kristen Wiig’s character. Since this clip is generally NSFW (Not Safe For Work) — man I’m full of acronyms today — I will post the link so you can watch the fun when you’re not at work .

Just to give you a hint if you haven’t seen it, think of him as a wealthy playboy pelvic-thrusting Jack Rabbit with a less than attractive O-Face and absolutely no clue as to what a woman wants.

See below.

Jon Hamm - Bridesmaids


And finally, you can have ham and Hamm in one convenient package.

Introducing Jon Hamm’s John Ham.

The Vintage Creepy Ham Ad Girl would love it.

Slurp slurp slurp.


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  1. Me too! I had a lot of fun putting it together. I was so surprised to find two separate images of Patton Oswalt and Jon Hamm in such similar compositions that I had to use them to make the “Know Your Ham(m)” image.

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