Last Minute Gifts (The Homemade Variety)


My latest guest post at Inspired Design Daily is up, ya’ll!

Green&Chic: Last-Minute Homemade Gifts (Right From The Pantry)

If you’re looking for last-minute gift ideas to round out your list, here are a few of my favorites. I have made all of these in one way or another and they always are a big hit, and since you can make them in bulk, it won’t be a drain on your budget.

There is a recipe for spiced nuts (from the Barefoot Contessa herself, Ina Garten), a delicious and easy homemadeĀ vinaigrette using ingredients you probably already have in your pantry, a versatile BBQ dry rub for veggies or meat, a simple sugar and honey body scrub, and directions to make your own natural mandarin and mint kitchen cleaner — that actually works!

Don’t be the Grinchy loser who neglects their holiday duty! Make up a few of these last-minute gifts and be ready when the unexpected comes your way.

Nothing says yum like spiced nuts!

This amazing recipe comes by way of uber-chef, Ina Garten. She is the queen of delicious and anyone who receives this spicy snack will thank you (and probably ask for the recipe, so be a dear and include it). This gift is good for anyone and is a welcome change from the usual holiday party suspects like Chex Mix and cheese balls . Paired with a six-pack of craft beer or luscious wine, and you have an instant party! These can be boxed or bagged and they also travel well, making them perfect for giving to your friends who will be traveling over the holidays.


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