Guest Blogging at Inspired Design Daily


I’m happy to announce that I’m now a guest blogger over at Inspired Design Daily. It’s a great site for anyone who is creative and finds their inspiration both inside and outside of the home.

This week, my focus is wrapping paper. I have posted a few ideas to get the old wheels a-turning on other types of materials that are just as suitable (and perhaps more fun) than the traditional glossy roll from the mall/big box/discount store. I also posted a tip that explains how to re-use old wrapping paper by ironing — yes, ironing — out the wrinkles.

Most of my posts on Inspired Design Daily will focus on DIY with a leaning toward green, upcycled, and free materials. I find that some of my most creative projects come about when I am backed into a corner and have very little to work with.

I will post twice a month under “Green&Chic”. I would like to post more if my schedule allows, but with my interior design classes starting up in January, I have a feeling I will be quite the busy beaver.

You should check out the other bloggers that Linsi has rounded up. They’re all very imaginative and inspiring in their own rights.

Here’s a look at my favorite idea from the series.



Magazines as wrapping paper.

Nothing says "Happy Holidays! You are an awesome friend so I wrapped your gift in something equally awesome."


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