Taste the Salty Nut (Brewery)

HopNaughty Squirrel

Soon, you too can own one of these fabulous HopNaughty IPA t-shirts! Impress your friends, make your enemies jealous.

I’m a big fan of beer (most especially, craft beer born from the passion of people who live for the stuff). Huntsville is now home to a new craft brewery, Salty Nut.

They are just beginning to turn out their first batches, and they each seem very promising. I’m just waiting for the day when I can taste some of it. Their initial offerings include Imperial Moustache Red (yes, that’s spelled the good old-fashioned English way), as well as HopNaughty IPA which I’m sure will be my personal favorite. I just looooove me a good India Pale Ale.

The creativeness behind the branding and packaging is fun and clever. There are several people who are contributing artwork, including my uber-talented husband Jamie (insert shameless plug here). He is working on the website and a couple of stickers, so when everything is live and running you should go check it out!

If you’re into small business, supporting start-ups and seeing ordinary people succeed at what they love, then you should definitely check out Salty Nut. As Brent says on their blog: “…we’re just a few dudes who like beer and want to share our creations with others who also like beer. Pretty simple…”.

I’m sure they’ll be coming to a supermarket near you very, very soon. Until then, you can follow the crew at Salty Nut on their WordPress Blog.


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