Photo Challenge Weekend Catchup (Getting Ready for The Fourth!)


So I only got three photos into the challenge before life knocked and said, “Hello…I’d like to derail your plans for the moment. Please come with me. We have work to do.”

There are some exciting things developing for me on the horizon (possible travel, meeting exciting people and doing amazing things that will hopefully evolve into more amazing things in the future).

And then there’s “the day job” that pays the bills. This can be a certain playtime interrupter for about 8-10 hours out of the day.

There is a long holiday weekend coming up (July 4th). I will be using that time to hang out with family and friends and take take some great photos. Hopefully some of them will be of fireworks (or at least my nephew holding sparklers)!

To get myself in the mood, I’ve posted some images from some amazing photostreams on Flickr.

Fireworks #1
Fireworks #1

Fireworks in Waikiki
Fireworks in Waikiki


Fireworks, Primrose Hill
Fireworks, Primrose Hill
Steven Crubellier

Nele van Hout

Double Firework
Double Firework (Mihaile’s Square, Kiev, Ukraine)

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